Zero Down

The Dream Of Home Ownership

Bryan |O’Neil works along with Envoy Mortgage to provide home buyers with a zero down program. The Chenoa Fund, a federally chartered, public-purpose driven government agency. The Chenoa Fund works to increase affordable and sustainable homeownership opportunities for credit-worthy individuals who lack down payment funds.

The Financial Tools To Get It Done…

Home ownership isn’t for everyone — but housing is. While we have minimum credit scores that may put some borrowers out of the reach of our direct assistance, we believe that through assisting credit-worthy families to overcome the down payment assistance barrier, we can reduce the competition for “shelter” housing, which in turn helps to reduce its cost and increase its availability for those we cannot assist directly.

Straightforward FHA Underwriting.

Minimum 620 credit score
No First Time Home buyer restrictions
No Income or Geographic restrictions
No Equity share or Recapture provisions
3.5{750bacc7af3b6c752b2e43b6941991b25cf68112ae7c5c454b9a455b1541905b} Down Payment provided by Chenoa Fund.
115{750bacc7af3b6c752b2e43b6941991b25cf68112ae7c5c454b9a455b1541905b} or less of area median income = Down Payment assistance can be forgivable
115{750bacc7af3b6c752b2e43b6941991b25cf68112ae7c5c454b9a455b1541905b}+ of area median income = Down Payment assistance paid back through a monthly payment
Helping Under-served Markets.
Lower Income

Affordable Housing For Credit Worthy Families